Clean, quiet Portable Solar power for hand power tools, picnics, crock pots, with a battery back by SUNRNR of Virginia.

Our portable solar generator, a 110 volt AC solar power unit has an electric 2000 Watt Hour (245 amp hour) rechargeable battery storage unit

Check the Sunrnr website for details about this 12 volt mobile sun powered electric generation unit. It is a moveable solar electric panel system that generates both 12 bold and house current AC electric power - quietly - and you can take it with you wherever you need environmentally friendly solar electric power, even in remote areas or for emergency power generation in cases of natural disasters without using any king of gasoline, coal, diesel or such hydrocarbon based fuels. This 110 volt AC emergency power generation system is a 12 volt and 110 VAC transportable sun-powered panel battery pack easy to move on wheels so you can throw the whole setup in back of your pickup truck and take it where ever a remote power supply is needed on a moments notice. At last, Portable Sun powered Energy For Portable hand tools, cooking appliances, construction hand tools, saws, drills, automotive repair, house construction. This moveable solar generator battery charger kit holds a significant 115 Volt AC power charge and is a reasonably priced portable solar-battery house current kit, a portable sun-powered panel on wheels. There's' nothing like a solar Backup Energy Supply kit in weather related emergencies for power outages. 

solar powered generators with battery backup kit and this particular well made solar transportable power kit and this sun powered energy for camps, kitchens, pumps, remote locations that are hard to get to is the only sun-powered battery rechargeable batteries on wheels of its kind and you can buy this sun-powered energy as a backup generator source kit and you can buy this sun-powered  generator with battery backup right now by mail order from Central Virginia, USA. So check out our complete transportable sun-powered generator battery charger website and see if you like it.











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